Sea & Summit, a grassroots company with a cause!

Located in the Santa Barbara & Carpinteria communities, Sea & Summit was developed in Ryan Kell’s kitchen not just for himself, but for his local lifeguard & kayak-guide friends. Being a beach lifeguard & sea kayak-guide himself, “I found the necessity to lather up with sunscreen everyday, leaving me with an uneasy feeling about the current chemical options out there. Additionally being a ginger, none seemed to work all that well, at least the ones I could afford.” After a lot of positive feedback from friends, Ryan decided that everyone should have the option of using sunscreen with minimal ingredients & no chemicals or long lists of inactive ingredients they cannot pronounce.

“I’ve sold everything I own to make this company a reality. But I want Sea & Summit to become more than just a sunscreen brand. It’s a vehicle to set the example for future generations of business, and to be a part of something bigger than myself; specifically environmental and social causes. Sea & Summit is as grassroots as it gets. “I stand for what I believe in, and no one  is going to sway me from my values. I’ll keep pushing until we get there.” Inspired by Patagonia’s way of doing business, Sea & Summit  is modeled after them. “Patagonia is a company I stand behind and believe in. They’re part of my tribe; but if you’re not a pro-athlete, film maker, or have deep pockets, its hard to do or become a part of what they are doing…Unless you’re willing to get arrested. “I’m just an average guy, I’m no different than all my like-minded people. I want to show people that they too can achieve running a responsible company, even if you’re a small fish like myself. I don’t want to be a part of causes that give me a temporary feeling of accomplishment or put a bandaid over a deep rooted social issue. I want to help bring awareness and real tangible change to the environmental crisis we face. It’s gonna take a while to be able to do this with no money or help, but I’m working on it.”

Worthy of all your adventures

Whether you’re climbing or skiing, sailing to the islands, fishing the Sierras, or laying on the beach, Sea & Summit offers you certified organic & natural protection made with ingredients you can pronounce in our UVA/UVB broad spectrum SPF 30+ lotion & SPF 36 and 50 facesticks. Our facesticks are excellent for water sports, feel clean and blend with your natural skin tones. Sea & Summit’s lotion is light and rubs in easy with that nostalgic coconut smell you remember as a kid. While our lotion is water resistant, all sunscreens are best suited for out of the water application. The best part; Sea & Summit is more than a brand, it’s a lifestyle that is aligned with what you as an individual believe in. Check out our mission and what we are doing to become more than just a sunscreen.

About the creator, Ryan Kell

Ryan has always been an outdoor enthusiast & athlete. Living simply & enjoying the fruits of our lands & seas, he is a mellow dude that likes to surf, play beach volleyball, hike, trail run, camp, swim, sail, cycle, & just relax & take in the views. He is a man of action & stands by his word. His environment greatly affects him & so does his need to be a part of something bigger than himself. Sea & Summit has become his vehicle! It can be yours too.  His mantra: “Live Simply, Love Generously, Never Settle, & The Rest Will Come.”

Ryan also believes we are what we eat! Supporting local farms, eating healthy and cooking with friends are his most satiable activities; his stomach runs his life. Good food and good company are what matter the most.