This is the reason why Sea & Summit Organic Sunscreen was developed!

Time magazine just published this article about the The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) 2015 reviews for over 1,700 sunscreen products and the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology’s recommendations and compliance issues.

Time Magazine’s article shines the light on one of America’s most trusted brands, Neutrogena, for stating false SPF claims and containing harmful ingredients in their baby sunscreens. You want to read this article and watch this video!

Rest Assure, Sea & Summit is the brand you can trust and will confide in for years to come. Sea & Summit only contains organic and natural ingredients you can identify and pronounce; 6 in our lotion and facestick. Sea & Summit does not contain any toxic chemicals, does not turn you white, rubs in, smells good, and actually works to protect you from the sun.

Sea & Summit is as passionate about providing an amazing & affordable organic moisturizing sunscreen as much as running a responsible transparent business that prioritizes two things; you & the environment. Browse through our website, meet the creator, and become a part of the movement to start producing sustainable products you can trust through responsible transparent business.

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